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July 01, 2008


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N. Davis

So, from your rather disdainful (of the consumer) article above, are we to surmize the consumer is all wrong and the container is soooo right?

My questions are: 1. Are the containers biodegradable?

2. How many sizes and will lactose free milk be availabe in said containers?


Thanks for your comment. Yes, I think that the remarkable thing about these packaging changes is that the big box stores analyzed the Life Cycle of their packaging, and made changes that resulted in non-trivial energy and water savings. They still have a long way to go, and certainly it would me more desirable to have small, local dairies vs. mega-dairies. However, they are on the right track, and articles that focus solely on "the consumer" without acknowledging that that same consumer is suffering from high energy prices and water shortages that these kinds of practices can help alleviate (eventually), are shortsighted.

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