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September 08, 2007



Great find Carol! You are what you eat and what you wear on your skin. Why would anyone want to smother their fragile pores with talc or nasty chemicals. Here's another find: Pangea Organics I just purchased several products and the added bonus is that I can plant the packaging and benefit from some medicinal herbs (that can be found in the product line)that will sprout from the zero waste fiber box. Waste = food!

Green Geezer

I just bought the most wonderful lavender lotion made in Wisconsin, at our farmers market in Oak Park, Illinois, and noticed that it had canola oil in it. Ditto the lavender soap I bought. Great stuff. Thanks for your comment.

Tom Nielsen

Hi Carol,
I can attest to the quote you included here. I attended the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) Annual Conference in Amherst, MA this past August and attended a workshop on making lotion. The teacher, Iris Weaver, said the same thing and advised us to use edible oils in our lotions, e.g. olive and grapeseed.

Thanks for the great info!

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